Meet the Team

We are a team of non-specialized individuals who enjoy building robots. Last year, we finished third in the programming aspect in the CRC last year, which shows how amazing our programming team is. The LCC Robotics team performs very well in Montreal’s local competitions, such as the annual CRC Robotics competition as well as in St. George’s sumo fights (placed in the top 3 in both competitions for the overall game and in robot design). We may be a rookie team to the FRC but we are by no means new to robot design and programming.





Olivia Masella (Gr. 11)

Sophie Stratford (Gr. 11)

Paul “Fish” Virally (Gr. 10)

Bogdan “Bogs” Radu (Gr. 7)


Zack Shine (Gr. 12)

Kyoung “Kraken” Kang (Gr. 10)

Eli “Not Eli” Samuel (Gr. 10)

Ellis Plant (Gr. 8)


Zack Shine (Gr. 12)

Jamie “Baconator” Bekins (Gr. 10)

Kyoung “Kraken” Kang (Gr. 10)

Liam Drummond (Gr. 10)

Eli “Not Eli” Samuel (Gr. 10)

Andrew “A” Zhang (Gr. 10)

Edward “E” Zhang (Gr. 8)


Avi Lal (Gr. 8)

Nicholas “Rambo” Rambally (Gr. 7)



Sophie “Sophs” Battat – Administration (Gr. 12)

Olivia Masella – T-Shirts (Gr. 11)

Adam Vandenbussche – Website (Gr. 10)


Matheus Da Silva (Gr. 12)

Jai Dulat (Gr. 11)

Phoenix “Flying Legend” Na (Gr. 10)

Evan Monk (Gr. 9)




Mme. Anne-Marie “Jedi Master” Lalonde

Mr. Ettore “Zukes” Zuccheroso

Huntly Stratford

Mr. Jesse “Don’t Forget Your Goggles” Searle

Mr. Rick “Nadadadada” Nidata

Luc Phung


Written March 29th, 2016 A.D.